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সাড়িসাড়ি গাড়ীর হেডলাইটে আলোকিত এই পথে …

কেন জানি তোমার কথা মনে পড়ে

চোখে ঘুম, দেহে অবসাদ, তবুও জেগে …

কেন জানি তোমার কথা মনে পড়ে

জানি এই পথের শেষে, কোথাও নেই তুমি, দাড়িয়ে হেসে …

কেন জানি তোমার কথা মনে পড়ে

জানি কোথাও গভীর ঘুমে, আছো তুমি অতিব সুখে …

তবুও কেন জানি তোমার কথা মনে পড়ে


Live Spaces

When gmail first came, like a lot of other people, I switched to gmail and started using it as my primary email account. My yahoo and hotmail accounts became IM accounts, and I stopped checking email on these accounts. This is perhaps why I missed then notice from Microsoft about moving live spaces to wordpress … and then remove existing space pages. 😦

I am not a regular or frequent blog writer nor have I written enough to matter … and yet .. even if small, a portion of my thoughts that I put in writing were somewhere in the web, residing on a page refered to as live spaces .. and now they are lost … 😛 with no way for me to recover them. This now leads me to think about the fate of the information/data we put up on the net via free services. 😛

New generation

The new generation seems to getting weirder by the day. The general lack of decency, honesty and discipline is annoyingly noticeable, and you can’t help wondering what went wrong with them. I do not mean that everyone in our generation or the ones before were all decent, honest, disciplined and all that. They were not. However, you could always find some people who had all these qualities, but these days, such a quest is almost like searching for a needle in a hay stack.

A lot of people dream about a better Bangladesh in the near future, but will that dream ever be realized? A very small incentive is often enough for today’s youth to switch over to the “other” side .. how will they resist the temptation of bigger and monetarily lucrative incentives out there? The concept of maximizing ones benefit exists in our country without any concern for the benefits of others. We simply do not want to understand that if everyone in a society wants to maximize their own benefit without giving due consideration to the benefit of others, that can only result in a general deterioration of the environment which in the end will affect everyone who is a part of that environment.

The students of today are mostly incapable of learning because all they want is to pass exams, get good grades, get a degree, get good jobs … earn money … but they do not want to learn .. 😛

Ironically, if the learning process is good enough, you would automatically get to pass exams, get good grades and the degree, get a good job and you would actually be able to keep it and progress. They are basically avoiding the singly most important process that would help them reach their goals .. ” to learn .. or to gather knowledge .. “.

In exam halls, you would find students of today trying to take peeks at the copies of others at the least, and adopting scores of other methods of deceit in order to get unfair advantage. Such lack of principles seem to be alarmingly widespread, and it is possible to walk into an exam hall containing 60+ students and every single one of them are trying to look at the copy next to them. >_<